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"CUBE" Unreal is one of EternityDev's side projects. It's unknown if it is still in development, but the game has not been updated since July 2018, so it's assumed that it was abandoned so that he could focus on AEwVS.

Official Description[]

You are in a strange cubic room that has a hatch on each side, behind them is exactly the same room, differing only in color. The rooms are part of a large labyrinth, and this labyrinth is not as simple as it seems at first glance, it is stuffed with death traps, and you need to get out of this hellish place until it's too late. But something strange happens to the labyrinth, you can find out, or get the hell out of here!

Now game have cube map from first movie with 7x7x7 rooms with exit , test map of hypercube from second movie, first cube room moving, and six traps.


This game is based off the movie trilogy Cube. It has three levels, one for each of the movies, and another level called "Spectronitum", which doesn't seem to be based off any of them.

In this game, you have woken up in a small cubic room, with a hatch on each of the 6 sides. Behind each of these hatches is another cubic room differing from the first one only in color. In total, there are 343 of these cubic rooms, creating a large 7x7x7 labyrinth. The goal is to escape the labyrinth, however along the way the player will encounter "CUBE" Unreal/Objects which they must dodge or avoid to survive.


In this game, the player controls the unnamed protagonist, and can walk around and see everything from their point of view. They can also jump, crouch, and grab onto ladders and other objects.

At the beginning of the first level, the player will wake up in a cube-shaped room with one hatch on each 6 sides. The player can open any of these hatches and go through them, taking them to another cube-shaped room differing only in color. There may also be large, open areas, which will usually just kill the player from fall damage.

In certain places throughout the labyrinth, the player will encounter various items, such as food, water and medical supplies, which can be stored in the inventory and used to the player's advantage. When not in the inventory, all items have full 3D models, and the player can also grab onto them and manipulate them physically.

While traversing the labyrinth, the player must keep track of their hunger, thirst, health, stamina and various other "vital bars" in order to stay alive.

Some rooms the player enters may contain deadly traps. Most of these traps only activate once the player enters the room, and they usually do not give the player any time to exit the room once they have begun. This means the player must either dodge the traps once they have been activated (which is not always possible), or ensure they don't run into any traps by throwing an item into any room they are about to enter and waiting to see if any traps are activated.

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