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Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, or AEwVS for short, is a free-to-play indie horror survival game for Windows, created by MrDrNose.


AEwVS was inspired by Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning by mystman12, and the first alpha was released on 9/6/2018, originally a fangame. It seems to have begun as an attempt at a game more horror-like or "advanced" than BBiEaL, starting with many similar characters and mechanics, alongside some characteristic changes, such as the notebooks not stalling the overworld, and others being able to kill the protagonist, but afterwards it began to include many more characters and mechanics, a deeper plot, branching off into its own group and away from BBiEaL.

Today, the game is still undergoing development, and MrDrNose declares that he is not a fan of BBiEaL, and thus that the game is only inspired by it, and is not a fangame. This is partially due to its former stigma as a "Baldi's Basics fangame" shared by many low-quality game creators, as well as the fact that BBiEaL is the "original" game, and not a game he sees as considerably "higher-quality" to some extent. The game still contains minor references to BBiEaL, most of which make fun of it.

Official Description[]

Deep within an interdimensional schoolhouse a young girl finds herself in an unfamiliar place, her first teacher standing before her. Her name is Angell, and she is in danger.

Embark on a journey across multiple floors, where its inhabitants are largely unfriendly towards outsiders. Solve tasks and discover secrets as you journey deeper into the strange school you have found yourself in. Escape Viktor, dodge Marzias attacks, and survive Alice until you find yourself in a place stranger than any before. What is the Pap station...?

AEwVS contains an ensamble of colorful characters and places, each with their own unique function and gameplay. Cook with Mix, find books for the Librarian, just don't get caught by those that would do you harm.

There are many secrets and easter eggs to be found in this strange world, some providing lore and others useful items for your journey. Can you find them all?

AEwVS is an in-development game being made by a single person that you can play for free. Enjoy hours of fun, scares, and exploration, with scaleable difficulty levels. Want a bad time? Play on braniac mode, where everyone is out to get you and the questions are not simple. If you enjoy a more casual approach, you can disable the faculty moving while you're solving questions and play on easy. Run around in puss mode to explore the school in the light without danger while the star teacher, Viktor, sasses you. Can you get all the achievements?

Join the discord for more fun, where there's an active community waiting to accept new players into their midst. You can even ask the creator himself questions about the game! Will you join?


AEwVS follows a young girl named Angellica as she wakes up in an unknown high school and is forced to partake in various classes. However, this school's teachers and staff are affected by a curse, causing them to become sadistic and willing to brutally punish any student who makes a mistake in their classes. Angellica must escape the cursed school, while avoiding the staff members and demonic creatures who reside there, and uncovering the dark truth behind the school.


Since it's release, it has expanded enormously and gone a lot further than Baldi's Basics, with more teachers, a larger variety of characters, updated game mechanics, and plenty of deeply-hidden secrets to find. However, people have been losing interest in the game as it got bigger, and the community is slowly increasing, but not much.

The objective of the game is to go through each level, traversing through Viktor's school while collecting a number of notebooks based on several school subjects, answering problems written in them as they are collected. However, the game itself is "buggy" and glitched out, and so Viktor himself along with other teachers will begin menacing the player after failing to solve impossible equations correctly.

When the teachers angrily pursue the player, the player must learn how to utilize various items for survival, and learn the behavior of other characters in the game such as Mr. Mix or the Head Teacher in order to avoid being killed.


The gameplay of AEwVS is similar to that of a standard survival game. The player can walk around the school and look around from a first-person view. There are also many different objects that can be interacted with, such as notebooks, lockers, and vending machines, as well as many secondary mechanics, such as crawling, jumping, holding your breath, dual-wielding and equippable accessories.

Another major gameplay mechanic is the items, which can be picked up, thrown, used or sometimes combined with other items to make completely new items.

For more information about the game's mechanics, see this page.

Reception & Development[]

Upon its release, the game was played by multiple popular gaming YouTubers, including Markiplier, for its apparent uniqueness in comparison to other Baldi's Basics fangames. This was during early stages of development, at which the Discord server had not been created, other social media was not used, there were no other levels or endings, and the game's story, characters and structure were not decided upon.

Because of this, it was relatively short, and almost all of the YouTubers playing it had not completed the game, due to it being one of many obscure/popular BBiEaL fangames yet to play, as well as it being difficult to figure out because of their failure to play methodically. Most people have only played it once, and shortly after its time in the focus, people stopped playing it.

In these early versions, MrDrNose added everyone he could find on YouTube who'd played the game to the special thanks list, as well as first people he could find who'd found secrets and completed objectives to the Completers and Finders lists. The first person to explore the game more deeply was Neurobew, who found many of the secrets on the first level at the time.

After a while, a small community remained on Itch to post frequently about the game, generally consisting of dedicated players with hours of play time. Because of this, as well as the fact that MrDrNose is highly social, they had been able to find secrets, complete levels multiple times, and have opportunities to appreciate the game and its numerous updates.

After a few months, AbsolLover66,[1] among others, began trying to contact the popular YouTubers who'd played early versions of the game, asking them to play newer versions. A few have responded, but few responders published new videos about the game, and some have declined the offer, or suggested that MrDrNose end development toward AEwVS. Neurobew also streamed the game for two hours, but shortly after that, his channel became inactive as he began to pursue game development.

When the game's community became noticeably stagnant, FireyDeath4 prompted the launch of a Discord server for AEwVS to keep the community intact and engage in better conversation, which AbsolLover66 carried out.[2] This lead to less frequent comments on Itch, and a more stable community that has been active since then on.

Today, YouTube videos posted about AEwVS generally acquire a few hundred/thousand views, many of which are accumulated by the community. Recent videos about AEwVS posted by popular and dedicated players and showcasers have gained as little as less than a hundred views. The main menu contains links to social media, including Discord, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter and Itch, in order to entice new players into joining the community and server. Fanart and fangames for AEwVS are constantly accumulated in dedicated channels, and there is also a channel for recommending different YouTubers to play the game.

The game used to be updated frequently, with each update replacing and adding new content to the game. However, now that MrDrNose is busy working on UD, it might take an incredibly long time waiting for the next update of AEwVS.








  • The game will likely never have any ports from its original platform, Windows.
  • AEwVS includes multiple references to the SCP Foundation, suggesting that it may take place in an identical or similar universe. Some SCPs such as SCP-4002 don't match official entries, because they were added to the game before an official entry was written for them.
  • Overture to the Sun is the game's main theme, since there are four total variants of it in the game, and it is also Viktor's and the menu's theme.
  • The game on its page has a tag that reads: "this-is-not-fukin-baldi-fangame111".
  • AEwVS was mentioned in a Russian news page posted in 19/6/2018 through a YouTuber that was recorded in a list of bloggers children watch.
  • MrDrNose often refers to AEwVS as "aews". This is because on May 28, an unknown user joined the AEwVS Discord and began to insult the game, calling it "aews" and saying that it was "poorly made". MrDrNose now uses "aews" as a joke nickname for AEwVS.[3]

Update History[]


Language Name Pronunciation
Russia.png Russian Продвинутое Образование Вместе С Виктором Стробовским Provdinutoe Obrazovanie Vmeste S Viktorom Strobovskim
Japan.png Japanese ヴィクトル-ストロボフスキの高度な教育 Vikutoru Sutorobofusuki no Kōdona Kyōiku


  1. She is also called "AbsolLover666" and "Luna66".
  3. Information confirmed by MrDrNose on the EternityDev Games Discord server
    See the full thread here.

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