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Alex Basics: Scrina's Sensors, or ABiBaZ 2, is a secondary project that EternityDev is currently working on alongside Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and UD. An early prototype was previously available to download on AEwVS's page under the name "???", and a more updated version is available through Patreon. Further progress on the game can be seen on MrDrNose's YouTube channel.


The storyline of AB:SS hasn't been confirmed. However, it's likely that it's about Scrina looking for Erie.


In this game, the player controls Scrina, and can use all of the many abilities and modules she has.

From what has been shown on the YouTube channel, the game seems to mostly consist of combat with other robotic entities. However, there are also other mechanics that suggest there could be puzzle-like elements to the game.

For more info on the game's mechanics, see here.




  • The Game Seems To Have More Better Graphics Than Others MrDrNose's Games, However It's Unknown If This Graphics Will be In Full Game.

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