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This is a list of characters in Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology.

Image Name Description Species
Olivia Olivia is the main protagonist. She is trapped inside Alex's school and is forced to collect notebooks in order to escape. Human
Alex idle.png
Alex Alex is the main antagonist. He will begin to chase you if you get an answer wrong, and if he catches you, he will show you his true form. Human/Demon
Dolly Dolly is the school's principal. She will lock you in the detention room if she spots you breaking any of the "RULEZ". Living Ragdoll
Unknown broom.png
Ms. Immortal A strange shadow being who holds a blue broom. Roams the school and makes sure everything is clean. Ghost
Monita talk.png
Scrina Scrina is a flying robot with a monitor for a head. She is extremely insecure about people calling her a "thing", and she takes her anger out on others. Robot
Asmodena Asmodena is a small girl who wears a Pusheen-cat shirt. She loves to play games and will force anybody she sees to play them with her. Human
Candy Princess flying.gif
Candice Candice, also known as Candy princess, is a fairy creature who flies around Alex's school. She loves candy, or anything else sweet, and will try to consume any she sees. Human/Fairy