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Argemia Armuntela is a character in the EternityDev universe, however she has not appeared in any of EternityDev's games aside from in minor cameos. She is the main "leader" of the Ariral society.


Argemia Armuntela is a tall, red-haired Ariral with green eyes. Her skin is pale and almost white, and she has whiskers protruding from her nose and eyebrows, as is normal for Arirals.


Argemia is the leader of the tall Arirals' senate, and is considered to be the highest authority. She make decisions on behalf of the government and working as an architect.

She also has a young adult daughter, who Argemia raises by herself, which is also interested in politics and Argemia wants to make her a senate too.


  • Intelligence: Argemia is the smartest Ariral on the planet.[1]
  • Telekinesis: Argemia has an implant in her brain which allows her to use telekinesis. This requires a lot of training and experience to use properly, however.[1]

In UDgame

Argemia has two appearances in UDgame. One of these is on a cup that spawns in the player's home at the beginning of the game. Another is on a painting, which the player can craft and hang on the wall of their home. The player can obtain a secret achievement called "Argemia Appreciator" by staring at this painting for 60 minutes straight; this is the only mention of Argemia's name within the game.



  • Argemia was one of the first characters ever created by MrDrNose. He originally created her in either 6 or 7th grade, but later developed the entire Ariral species around her.
    • Since her creation, he had used the name "Argemia Armuntela" as his name on multiple social media websites, including Facebook and Вконтакте24, however nobody else knew who Argemia truly was until September of 2021.
    • She was originally female, as MrDrNose had not created the concept of "hermale" then.


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