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Canned Dog is a game that EternityDev is currently working on, alongside Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, Alex Basics: Scrina's Sensors and gd, It has not yet been released to the public, but early demos have been made available for advisors.


In this game, you control Bimbim, a dog who is trapped in a butchery. The overall goal is to escape from the butchery, and free all the other dogs trapped there, while avoiding being chopped up by the butchers.

The game is in the style of an original PlayStation game, played on an extremely old TV.


The player can click anywhere on the level to make Bimbim walk to that position. If the player holds Shift, the dog will also run to that position. The player can click on an item to make the dog pick it up.

There are 3 vital bars in the bottom right corner of the screen:

  • Mutagen: Unknown.
  • Energy: Goes down while the protagonist is running. When empty, they will not be able to run anymore.
  • Blood: Acts as the dog's health bar. If it reaches zero, the game will end.

There is also a meter below these vital bars that shows the current rate of blood loss.



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