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Circuit Cube is the main protagonist and titular character of Circuit Cube.


Circuit Cube is a small, pixelated cube seemingly made of bright green, motherboard-like surfaces. It has a screen at its front which acts as its face, and a health meter to the right of this screen.

Its facial expression, and the colour of its face, change depending on how much health it has remaining.


When the player presses Space, Circuit Cube will begin to move in one direction by rotating itself. It will continue to move in the same direction until it cannot move any further, or until it reaches the goal square. Certain devices can be used to alter the movement of the Circuit Cube, such as direction changers, elevators, pushers, or teleporters.

It also has a "health" system; if it touches a laser, it will lose 1 health point. Its current health can be seen on the small screen to the right of its face. If it loses all of its health, it will stop moving and the level will restart. Being caught in an explosion will cause it to lose all of its health immediately.



Sound Description
The Circuit Cube moving.
The Circuit Cube after coming to a dead end.
The Circuit Cube after reaching the goal square.

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