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In Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, crafting can be done with the crafting menu that can be accessed by pressing Tab.

Concrete combinations[]

These combinations have multiple specific input items, and at least one new output item.

Input Output

Stick.png PlungerHead.png

Smooth stick x1
Plunger head x1


Plunger x1

1cent.png Item 50cent.png

1 cent x1
50 cent x1

51 cents.png

51 cents x1

Item brokenlock.png DuctTapePiece.png

Broken lockpick x1
Duct tape piece x1

Item lockpick.png

Lockpick x1

SteelLockpick br.png DuctTapePiece.png

Broken steel lockpick x1
Duct tape piece x1

SteelLockpick tp.png

Fixed steel lockpick x1

DuctTapePiece.png DuctTapePiece.png

Duct tape piece x2

Item ducttape2.png

2x duct tape piece x1

Item ducttape2.png Item ducttape2.png

2x duct tape piece x2

Item ducttape4.png

4x duct tape piece x1

Item chocchip.png Item ducttape4.png Item ducttape4.png Item ducttape4.png

Moist chocolate muffin x1
4x duct tape piece x3


Duct tape ball x1

Sharpthings.gif Item scp4002.png

Any sharp item x1
SCP-4002 x1

Sharpthings.gif Item scp4002.png Item melonpiece.png

Previous sharp item x1
SCP-4002 x1
Melon piece x1

Sharpthings.gif Carrot item.png

Any sharp item x1
Carrot x1

Sharpthings.gif CarrotClean.png CarrotTail.png

Previous sharp item x1
Clean carrot x1
Carrot tail x1

Item paper.png Item flashpowder.png

Paper x1
Flash powder x1


Light joint x1

Item lighter.png Cigar.png

Lighter x1
Light joint x1

Item lighter.png

Lighter x1
(also produces a small bang capable of scaring Marzia)

Item redphosphorus.png Item bsalt.png

Red phosphorus x1
Bertholete salt x1

Item armstrong.png

Armstrong's mixture x1

Item armstrong.png Item flashpowder.png Item tube.png Item ring.png

Armstrong's mixture x1
Flash powder x1
Small cardboard tube x1
Small metallic ring x1

Item flash.png

Flash x1

MetalPlate.png Item flash.png PiezoElement.png WirelessSolderingIron.png

Metal plate x1
Flash x1
Piezoelement x1
Wireless soldering-iron x1

WirelessSolderingIron.png FlashMine.png

Wireless soldering-iron x1
Flash mine x1

NuclearPigeon.png NuclearPigeon.png NuclearPigeon.png NuclearPigeon.png

Nuclear pigeon x4



MetalNail.png Battery.png CopperWire.png ButtonItem.png

Metal nail x1
Battery x1
Copper wire x1
Small button x1

Electromagnet.png CopperWire.png

Electromagnet x1
Copper wire x1

Stamina gem shard1.png Stamina gem shard2.png Stamina gem shard3.png Stamina gem shard4.png

Any 4 gem shards of the same color

Stamina gem.png

Completed gem

NeedleEmpty item.png Bluche venom.png

Needle [empty] x1
Bluche venomous x1

NeedleCleanPoison item.png

Needle [Venom] x1

Item lampHandle.png Item lamp.png

Lamp handle x1
Bulb x1

Item lampFull.png

Handhelded lamp x1

Happygun diffuser item.png Happygun cap item.png Happygun barrel item.png Item detail.png

Diffuser x1
Cap x1
Barrel x1
deco x1

Happygun complete item.png

The Happiness Gun x1

Item gravityhook.png Item rubberrope.png

Hook x1
Rubber rope x1

Item gravhook.png

Gravity hook x1

Item pen.png Item apple.png

Pen (red) x1
Apple x1

Item applepen.png

Apple pen x1

Item penB.png Item pineapple.png

Pen (blue) x1
Pineapple x1

Item pineapplepen.png

Pineapple pen x1

Item applepen.png Item pineapplepen.png

Apple pen x1
Pineapple pen x1

Item bruh.png

PenPineappleApplePen x1

Item match.pngItem matchbox.png

Match x1
Match box x1

Item matchLit.png

Match lit x1

Abstract combinations[]

These combinations do not have specific input or output items, and instead are merely used to alter or combine certain aspects of one of the input items.

Input Effect

Pill 1.png Pill1.png

Non-full pill pack x1
Pill x1

Inserts the pill into the pill pack, increasing the number of pills in the pill pack by 1.

RubikBroken 6.png RubikPiece.png

Broken power core x1
Power core piece x1

Inserts the power core piece into the power core, repairing it slightly and removing the power core piece from the inventory.

Gems.gif Necklace empty.png

Any gem x1
Empty necklace x1

Inserts the gem into the empty necklace, creating a full necklace.


Any full necklace x1

Removes the gem from the necklace, adding the gem and an empty necklace to the inventory.

Staffcrystals.gif Item staff.png

Any staff crystal x1
Empty staff x1

Inserts the staff crystal into the staff.

Item staff.png

Any full staff x1

Removes the staff crystal from the staff, adding the crystal and an empty staff to the inventory.

Item testtube.pngItem testtube.png

Two tubes with liquid inside

Mixes the two liquids together.

Removed combinations[]

These combinations are no longer in the game.

Input Output

FatPigeonItem.png Mushroom.png Mushroom.png Mushroom.png

Fat pigeon x1
Mushroom x3


Nuclear pigeon x1