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"Ah, this is terrible. Visit Diefthyntis. He will help you, I'm sure." Kavotia

Diefthyntis, also known as BCCM, is an upcoming character in Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski. He will be the main character of the Panacea PAP Station.[1]


Diefthyntis is a circular Rozital with a camo pattern. He has three red eyes on his front, and four arms which he can extend and move around at will.

Although this is the design seen in the official video, MrDrNose has said that Diefthyntis's design is planned to change, and that the new design will be similar to the fabrication machine from 9.[2]


Diefthyntis is generally calm and kind to most people, unless they attempt to attack or infiltrate the Station. He is curious and always willing to learn about humans and their culture. He is also very close to Pagonioplo-Igetis, and often acts as her father figure.


According to MrDrNose, Diefthyntis acts as the manager/overseer of the Station. He is able to build Rozitals, presumably to work for them. However, since the Station is such a stable system, he hardly has to do anything. Apparently, he does have to fix the Kavotia at times for malfunctions.[3]

Any non-Rozital lifeforms who enter the Station must be approved by Diefthyntis, otherwise the Station's sentries will attack them.


  • Intelligence: Diefthyntis is able to build extremely large and intricate robots such as Perpaoulkon and Ormichanikardia. He can also program these robots in any way he chooses.
  • Sentience: Despite being a robot, Diefthyntis is fully sentient due to the life crystals embedded into his core. He can also transfer this sentience to other robots he builds.
  • Anperfysium Body: Diefthyntis's body is made of anperfysium. This means his body is extremely tough, and if damaged it can also reshape itself if given electricity. He is also immune to the Curse and any other spirits or supernatural entities.
  • Flight: In his current design, Diefthyntis can fly. However, MrDrNose is planning to change his design so that he no longer has this ability.
  • Linguistics: Diefthyntis can fully speak and understand both English and Greek[4], and possibly other languages too.
  • Infinite Energy: Unlike other Rozitals, Diefthyntis does not need to charge himself with life crystals, as he has an "infinite reactor" inside him that gives him infinite energy. He still has a charging port, however it is essentially useless.


Diefthyntis has not yet been added to the game, though according to MrDrNose, he will be the main character of the level. Angell will need to navigate through the Panacea PAP Station to get to Diefthyntis's room.

Diefthyntis is also responsible for building many other characters encountered in-game:

It's unknown if Ormichanikardia and the Fidilektriki were created by Diefthyntis, as they don't seem to be entirely robotic creatures.



  • Many of Diefthyntis's designs are modeled after animals in real life (for example, Skoufokana resembles a scorpion, and Arachela resembles a spider). This means that Diefthyntis has likely seen these animals at some point, or has gained the knowledge of what they look like from another source.
  • Because Diefthyntis has access to large amounts of anperfysium, which is naturally found on the planet Mars, he is likely capable of space travel, or he has built robots which are capable of traveling to space and bringing anperfysium back to the Station.
  • The name "Diefthyntis" roughly translates as "Director".


Language Name Pronunciation
Russia.png Russian Диефтинтис Dieftintis
Japan.png Japanese ダイフシンティズ Daifushintizu
Greece.png Greek Διευθυντής Diefthyntís


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    He will look like glados or fabrication machine
    Probably closer to the second one"
    MrDrNose, October 27, 2020
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