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The EternityDev Wiki currently has 9 active users and 1,280 articles. If you don't know where something is, if you don't know what to do, if you're stuck or if you need to know how to do something, this page will get you covered! If there's some information that you think is left out, add the information to this page, or if you don't know it, contact an administrator about it and we'll try to add it to the page. (Oh, and by the way, me and FendCat are the only active ones, the latter way more so. Sivil000 is busy making the Japanese AEWVS Wiki and JohnnyHarden is just kind of off. Still waiting to see if he'll make MrDrNose.origin a bureaucrat or administrator.)


When creating the pages, typing up text or editing articles or templates or whatever, I pretty much always use the source editor at this point, and I think you probably should too. For one, there's something in the CSS or the JS thingy that gets VisualEditor loading FOR EVER, so we're always on the Classic Editor. This can be kind of inaccurate and possibly messy, so I always use the source editors. Editing things with the source editors gives you complete control and accuracy and allows you to do things that you can't do with visual editors, like displaying syntax and typing text only visible in the source code. If you're confused, just look down at the list below.

How can I help the wiki?[]


To keep this wiki a reliable, quality resource like a lot of the bigger wikis, I have enlisted some rules that need to be followed when being in the wiki. Let me tell you though, I am a noob at moderation because there are barely any active administrators, and I've basically never dealt with anyone like ArtemDorj before. But, thank you, if you're reading this. Also anyway, just because I'm a noob doesn't mean I'm not serious. But being a noob means that I won't know what to do with people who don't follow the rules. Also, if you think any rules are missing, just add them here. Because I literally just founded them. (Since the time I wrote that sentence over a year ago!)

Don't vandalise articles and pages[]

Um...yeah. They're not yours to vandalise. Make your own blog posts.

Articles should include canon information only[]

This isn't really a fanon wiki. Like, actually, it 100% isn't supposed to be. So don't start getting ideas of your own and putting them in the main articles. If you really want to get into the fanon stuff, make a blog post or comment on the game page or something, or use the certified fanon wiki that people are probably not going to start unfanonical edit wars over because all of the fanon is contained in articles everyone can edit instead of personal blog posts, because AEWVS is just too unpopular (and that needs to change). Just don't put unofficial data and information in the main articles. And also don't make any main articles revolving around uncanon, original content.

If you find something in-game or in social media that's unbelievable but canon, take a screenshot to prove it exists. And preferably also get MrDrNose's approval. Screenshots should go in galleries or to the right/left of article content, but posts by MrDrNose in social media should be put in <ref></ref> tags.

Don't be too illiterate[]

Don't get me wrong, illiteracy in general is pretty much fine as long as if someone goes through and patches up your English, you don't think you're right and go back and change it back to how you said it without an explanation. Also, just don't be illiterate to the point where we can't understand you (like, at all). This rule can be ignored if you're directly copying a phrase from MrDrNose such as a quote/voiceline, the name of an item, etc. But if you're typing something that looks like a typo but actually isn't, type <sup>[sic]</sup> after it just so we know.

Helping Out[]

So you've come to the wiki and don't know where to start? Shame on you! lol There's a lot you can do!

Anyway it's pretty obvious what you need to do. Here are some things to get you started:

  • Expand, fix or rewrite articles classified as stubs.
  • Look through the list of pages with missing information and see if you can add anything useful to them.
  • Find the game's UST (unorginal soundtracks) on YouTube. You can do this by playing the game files in front of music recognition software like Shazam, Siri or ACRcloud, and then searching for the result on YouTube to see if it's correct. If you can find some, type them into the "links" column in the Soundtracks page. (Just keep in mind that that page is made up entirely of templates, so you will need to edit the templates individually.)
  • Go to the Japanese AEwVS Wiki and help Sivil000 out by translating everything on this wiki into Japanese, or restart this wiki in another language.
  • Add some photos and videos from MrDrNose's social media into the articles' galleries.
  • Share this wiki and spread the word, because the more users we have, the closer we can get to making a nice and tidy wiki...! Just like all the others.
  • Help MrDrNose and carry out our plans to make AEwVS popular and more equal with BBIEAL, or become a patron and donate to him. If you want.

Wiki Navigation[]

Here are some handy tips on where to go if you're just looking for something on the wiki.

Where can I find sounds or voicelines?[]

Go to the page of whichever character, item or object produced the sound. If it's a character's voicelines you're looking for, you will likely have to click the "Quotes" button up the top in order to get to them, as they are kept separate from the actual page.

Where are the soundtracks for the game stored?[]

Soundtracks and ambience. You can also find them in their level/character page. For example, the theme that plays when you enter the school can be found in the Math Level#Soundtracks section of the Math Level page.

Is there a quick way to access a template page?[]

In case anyone wonders, know that each template will have a link to it's page from it's picture, which is very useful for getting to and template pages quickly and easily. If it doesn't have this property, a list of templates can be found on Category:Templates. A full list can be found on Special:Templates but honestly, that's kind of messy and slow.

Editing Articles[]

How do I lay out a game page?[]

(Some of these sections may not be applicable for the specific game, so just don't use those ones)

  • Official Description: A copy-paste of the game's "official" description, as seen on the game page. Only some games have this though.
  • Plot: What is the story of the game (if the story wasn't explaine Gd enough by the official description)? Don't include spoilers though.
  • Premise: What is the game generally about? (e.g. the game's objective or what the player's goal is)
  • Gameplay: How does the game actually play? (e.g. is it first or third person, what can the player actually do in the game)
  • Reception & Development: A general history of the game's development and how people have responded to the game so far. This only really works for larger games like AEwVS and ABiBaZ, otherwise the section would pretty much be "He decided to make this game, so he did."
  • Main Characters: The game's main characters.
  • Gallery: Any relevant images or promotional art for the game.
  • Videos: Same as above, but for videos.
  • Trivia: Random facts about the game that weren't mentioned in any of the above sections.

How do I lay out a character page?[]

  • Description: A visual description of the character. Be as thorough as you can, and if the character has multiple forms, describe them all.
  • Abilities: Optional. A short list of any abnormal abilities the character has. Also, try to keep in mind that this is a game, so "breaking the fourth wall" isn't an ability, that's just how games work.

How do I lay out a level page?[]

  • Description: General description of the level. Include stuff like its layout and a short list of its characters and rooms.
  • Endings: Describe all of the level's possible endings (if it has more than one). Be sure to add a spoiler warning to anything that needs one.
  • Soundtracks: A list of the soundtracks that play in this level.
  • Ambience: Same, but for ambience.
  • Gallery: A gallery of images that give a general idea of what the level is like.

How do I lay out a location page?[]

How do I lay out an object page?[]

How do I lay out an item page?[]

Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd probably just find other pages in that category and copy the format FendCat is using.

How can I delete a page I think is unnecessary?[]

Get someone to do it for you because you're not an administrator. But even if you are, put a notice on the page you'd like deleted by typing {{delete}} in it at the beginning and wait for an administrator to come and decide what to do. It's best if you type {{delete|reason=Reason}}, replacing "Reason" with the reason you want the page deleted, because people might get confused if you don't. If you're an administrator, you should probably wait a week since the notice is placed before you delete it. And unless the reason's obvious you should type why you did it.

Editing Text[]

How do I do this in the source editor?[]

Here's a summarised list of syntax you'll find useful for editing articles, templates and texts.

NOTE: Stuff can get broken if you open and close angle bracket tags not in order. Ordered opening and closing tags appear like: <1><2><3></3></2></1>

Syntax placable anywhere[]

'''Bold Text'''
''Italic Text''
'''''Bold Italic Text'''''
[ Custom Text]

  • " Custom Text" is optional and can be included in any link with "[]" brackets.

[[Local Article Link|Custom Text]]

  • "|Custom Text" is optional and can be included in any link with "[[]]" brackets.

[[w:c:other-wiki-domain:Interwiki Article Link]]
<font color="#000000">Coloured Text (#000000 is black)</font>
<font face="Example">Altered Font Text</font>
<big>Big Text</big>
<small>Small Text</small>
<span class="character subtitles">Subtitle Text</span>

  • "character" should be replaced with a subtitle type. Available subtitle types are: albert, alice, angell, black, cleany, erie, laura, marzia, mix, mushroomguy, red, scrina, tiara, torus viktor, and watcher. Subtitle colour classes can only be added in MediaWiki:Wikia.css by administrators, as well as any other things to do with CSS.


  • Any pages with references need to have a section for references with <references/> written in it.

<code>Code Font Text</code>
<nowiki>Displayed Syntax</nowiki>
<!--Source-Only Text-->

Syntax only at start of a line[]

======Deepest Allowed Subheading======

  • =Title= is for the page name. Using it irresponsibly will probably corrupt your page. Renaming it is better.

*Bulleted List
#Numbered List

  • Don't go over 9 of these unless you want the order to look like: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, 1, 2, 3. I don't know why this happens. In fact, I just looked at the list near the bottom on the page while previewing it and it seemed fine, so I don't know what's going on.
  • You can have multiple cascading levels of different indents and lists. For example:
            • (:**#::##*)

#REDIRECT [[Page Redirection]]

  • This is for redirecting a page to another page. Usually, redirect pages only include that code, unless a sneaky person wants to type the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" under it and invite someone to go to the "?redirect=no" link and get them rickrolled.

How do I see/share what will happen if I'm not sure of an edit?[]

You might need to know if you missed a closing bracket or something. Well, if you want to see what messing with the codes did on an article, template or other page, try and preview it. If you're editing something that's not a comment/message (like, a whole page), the Classic Editor will have all the tools you need on the right-hand side of the screen. The "desktop" (preview) button will show you what your code does and looks like, and the "show changes" one will show you what you've changed. If you're editing a template with parameters, just publish it, go into the talk section (in the dropdown next to the "edit" button) and test it out. And keep changing it until it works the way you want it to. (But be careful not to mess it up for anybody too much! You could write "testing" on it so whoever thinks you're silly knows what's going on.) Also, if you screw something up for reals, you can always go into the history (also in the aforementioned dropdown thingy) and undo your edit(s).

Outerwiki/Game File Help[]

What do I have to do to get the game files?[]

Getting a hold of the game files is the first thing you'll need to do if you want pure sounds and sprites/textures. Which is probably a must for character and item pages, rather than screenshots. If you don't want to install a bunch of applications, don't...don't do this. Well, I mean, you've probably installed STROBOVSKY.exe already, so what's the big deal? Anyway, here's what you need to do:

Ripping The Files[]

  1. Get a physical/virtual Windows computer if you haven't got one already. Or, just don't bother.
  2. Download AEWVS if you haven't already. (If you haven't, tell me why you're reading this. Recent studies have shown that the number one reason for people reading things they can't do is out of curiosity. Humans have a distinctive tendency to search for knowledge so that they can expand their memory into allowing them to know things that might be important in the future, which was especially needed in the survival ages that occurred before humans dominated the lands everywhere.)
  3. Find UModel and install it. UModel can export Unreal Engine files and Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski runs on Unreal Engine.
  4. If you want to view the game files, install GIMP and VLC if you don't have those programs already. They can open TGA and OGG extended files. By the way DON'T use Photoshop to open TGA files. They will lose their transparency and replace it all with lines extending the colours. GIMP is something we KNOW works, so use that.
  5. Get your folders extracted and/or your installations finalised.
  6. Open UModel.
  7. Change the directory to the folder the STROBOVSKY.exe application is in. And do the latest version. And then confirm it.
  8. Expand the Content folder. You'll see there's audio and texture folders in there, which are respectively where the audio and sprites are located. There are only a select few of those files that aren't in these folders, so unless you want to pull absolutely every single texture and sound out of the game, stick to content in these folders.
  9. Just extract everything in those folders and their subfolders, because there are a lot of things that you probably don't know what they are. By the way, UModel will tell you the packages are unversioned. It turns out that AEWVS is made in UE 4.24 (UE 4.19 in old versions), so choose that.
  10. Once you've got everything extracted, you can open them if you have the programs that can open TGA and OGG files. When you're using GIMP to open the TGA files, I recommend you keep GIMP open so you won't have to go through the startup every single time.

Using+Uploading The Files[]

  1. When you're ready to start uploading files to the wiki, you can just go and do it straight away if you're just uploading OGG files. TGA files however aren't supported. So what you do is you go to and start uploading your desired TGA files. By the way it can only do 20 at a time so if you're gonna upload large batches, do it in groups of 20. You can cheat slightly by having multiple tabs open at once converting 20 in each one. >:D
    Oh and by the way, you have to convert them to PNG.
  2. Leave the settings just as they are and start converting. If you've converted more than one file, save it all as a ZIP file and extract it all once you've saved it. You should save your converted textures and sprites in a seperate folder.
  3. If you have character animation frames (like walking and interacting), you'll want to turn them into GIFs. This will take a while and since GIFs only support transparent and opaque pixels and not translucent pixels, you have two choices:
    1. Go to EzGif. The GIFs will turn all translucent pixels opaque. This one is recommended for sprites that have very thin sections. But a lot of them will have black outlines.
    2. Go to GifMaker. The GIFs will turn all translucent pixels transparent. This one is recommended for everything else. They might not be totally anti-aliased but they'll otherwise look pretty smooth.
  4. Make sure the frames don't overlap in EzGif. Get your frames and start putting in the timers. If it's a general infinitely looping animation, just change the timers until the result looks right, make the animation and save it. If it's something complicated like a lot of the things Erie does, you'll probably have nothing for it but to get a freaking stopwatch, watch the footage and lap every time a new frame appears, and stuff all the times in (in milliseconds). Even so, a lot of gifs at Erie aren't even accurate. But unless you're more dedicated than me (and I am by the way completely wasting my life here at AEwVS), just move on if it looks right.
  5. Start uploading your files to the wiki. Also do it at Special:MultipleUpload. As a normal user, you can upload 10 files at once. As an administrator, you can upload 20. Just upload the files exactly as they are and set the copyright warnings to fair use. And you're done. You can put the files in articles yourself.