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Ghost is a mysterious character in Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski.


Ghost is a large figure, similar in shape to a tarwill, except without a mask. Her entire body is bright blue, and she constantly emits a faint glow. She has two large, glowing, white eyes and a very thin white mouth.


As Ghost is a supernatural entity, she cannot exist near anperfysium, so while she is in the Panacea PAP Station she turns into a pile of ectoplasm. If Angell brings the pile of ectoplasm away from the Station, Ghost will emerge in her true form.

This function hasn't yet been implemented, however, so currently she can only be found in a bonus level, where she does not move or interact with the protagonist in any way.

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The Ghost is a minor entity within UDgame.


This is a short, pitch black humanoid figure with white eyes.


The Ghost will randomly appear in the middle of intersections within the dungeon. It will stand in place until the player gets close to it, at which point it will suddenly lurch towards them at a speed faster than their running speed. Once it inevitably reaches the player, it will drain 1 of their health, and disappear.

It does not pose much of a threat, as it only drains 1 HP, and it disappears immediately after. It mainly exists to startle the player, similarly to Grandma from Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski.


  • This used to be a purely decorative entity that would disappear when the player approached it. It was changed to its current behavior in demo version 121.
    • In the official changelog for this version, MrDrNose describes this behavior as "eats your ass and kills your soul".

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The Ghost is a minor enemy encountered in BIWx3.


They appear to be basic body figures with broad shoulders and round heads, except they are entirely black, making them appear like shadows.


(Note: This may not be entirely correct, but this is what I have gathered from my experience with them.)

The Ghost has a chance of appearing when the player opens a door. When it spawns, it will begin to move towards the protagonist at a very quick pace. Once it catches the player, the screen will briefly be darkened, and the flashlight's battery meter will be significantly decreased. The Ghost will disappear after that.

It's unknown if there is a way to escape it, or cause it to lose track of the player.

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