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A list of all characters in Holehead the Cat's Adventure.

Main characters[]

Image Name Description Species
CatInHole.png Holehead The titular character of the game. His favorite milk has been spoiled for some reason, and he is willing to go to any lengths to get it back. Cat
DogInCap.png Dogcap Holehead's friend, who lives in a birdhouse. He is helpful, but he has a dark side. Dog
Zar.png Zar The shopkeeper. He seems angry at first, but he can be helpful in certain situations. Human

Minor characters[]

Image Name Description Species
Char vonni.png Vonnie A bear, who ate Dogcap's old home. She is generally hated by everyone. Bear
Giy char.png Giygas The red thing from EarthBound, summoned by Dogcap. Don't run into him or he will kill you or something. ???
Char frank.png Frank Some guy named Frank. He only appears for one line and he really has nothing to do with anything. Human
Uporotij lis-600x890.png MrDrNose This fox thing is used after the game ends to represent MrDrNose. ???

Unused characters[]

These characters are only found in the game's files.

Image Filename Description
Char abomination.png abomination It's an abomination. I don't know how else to describe it.
Char handsomeMan.png handsomeMan A weird teeth monster. This is also seen in one of the paintings in AEwVS.
Char stupidCat.png stupidCat Another cat with a derpy face.
Squid.png squid Squidward with an imploding face.
TriangleJerry.png triangleJerry Triangle Jerry