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Life crystals are important objects that exist within the universe of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and gd. They are primarily found in the Panacea PAP Station. They are one of the three known types of crystal, the others being the galaxy crystals and the staff crystals.[1]


Life crystals are pink crystalline objects. They constantly emit a bright pink glow, which can be seen from any distance. In the Station, they are usually stored in holders which are suspended a fair distance above the floor.


These crystals act as the "power source" of the robots in the Panacea PAP Station. Some life crystal shards are embedded into the core of most robots, which gives them their power. This explains why most robots emit a purple glow from their center. There are also some external life crystals around the Station, which act as "charging stations" for the robots.[2]

Each life crystal is filled with many different spirits, souls, and the knowledge from those souls. The crystals are able to transfer these souls to any robots being powered by the crystal.[3] This is the only way for souls to exist near anperfysium. Theoretically, if Angell were to insert a life crystal into an empty necklace and wear it, she would be possessed by the souls contained within the crystal and would die.[4]

If a life crystal is shattered, it will still produce energy, but the souls and energy contained within will "separate". Life crystal shards can still contain as much energy as larger ones, however if a life crystal contains too much energy it will become unstable and explode.[5]

Life crystals are not only capable of powering robots, but they are also capable of powering other mechanical objects such as the spear, shield, lamp handle and the staff.[6] The exact specifics of how this works are unknown.

Some life crystals, such as the ones inside Freek-a-del'ka, can become "corrupted".[7] They don't seem to change appearance, and the exact effects they have upon the souls contained within are unknown.

Under unknown circumstances, life crystals can become "independent" from the souls contained within them. When this happens, they can develop a consciousness of their own and take on a different form. The only known instance of this happening is with Afiteinyan.


In AEwVS, life crystals are mainly found in the Panacea PAP Station, where they are used to power most of the robots. Some life crystals can also be found hanging from the ceiling. Small life crystal shards can be obtained by killing Fidilektriki.

In gd, these are used to make the Boulder and Mr. Bones sentient. They can also be found inside small rocks, known as life rocks, and these life rocks can be smelted in a furnace to create small life crumbs.


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