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Not to be confused with Eyers.

Lookers are dangerous creatures in MrDrNose's unfinished game, gd.


Lookers are floating pairs of orange eyes, with large, white jaws floating below them. They come in different sizes, and can have either one or two eyes.


When the player is in the dungeon, 1 or 2 Lookers will spawn near them every 2-10 minutes. They will begin to move towards the player very quickly, and if they touch the player they will bite them, dealing 1 damage and giving them blood loss. They can move through walls, meaning they can easily sneak up on the player unexpectedly.

The player cannot attack Lookers with any weapon, but if the player looks directly at one of them, it will stop attacking them and run away from them quickly. The player must keep looking at it until it eventually disappears completely. Lookers are also repelled by light, so if the player stands near a lit candelabra, Lookers will not be able to attack them.

Lookers can be very dangerous to new players, but if the player knows how to deal with them properly, they are much less of a threat.


  • Lookers can easily appear from the walls behind the player at any time and bite them. The only way to know when a Looker is nearby is to listen for the distinct hissing noise it makes.
  • If the player is wearing a Looker amulet, Lookers will act as if the player is looking at them at all times, and the player will be protected from them.
  • Lookers are not repelled by the light from a lantern.

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