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Mr. Bones is a minor character within gd.


Mr. Bones is a human skeleton, constantly in a sitting position. He has a medallion around his neck, which contains a life crystal, making Mr. Bones fully sentient and capable of communication.


There is one possible dungeon subroom in which Mr. Bones will spawn. It's somewhat rare to encounter him.

Mr. Bones sits behind a small table. If the player approaches the table, he will begin to talk to them via white text on the screen. He will introduce himself and ask the player if they want to play a game. The player needs a certain amount of money to start the game, or they can trade a valuable item in order to play it instead. If these criteria are met, the player can begin the game.

In this minigame, Mr. Bones will place a certain number of red cups on the table, and place a random prize underneath one of the cups. He will then shuffle the cups a random number of times, and the player must then pick which of the cups they think the prize is under using the arrow keys. If they pick correctly, they win the prize, and move on to the next round. However, if they pick incorrectly, the player loses a certain amount of money, and the game returns back to round 1. The game gets progressively more difficult with each round, with the swap speed, number of cups, and number of swaps increasing.


Round Number of cups Number of shuffles Speed Winning prize Losing payment
1 2 3 200 Copper nugget $10
2 5 $20
3 3 4 $30
4 10 $40
5 6 300 $50
6 10 350 Silver nugget $60
7 5 400 $80
8 500 $100
9 10 400 $120
10 500 $140
11 4 6 400 Gold nugget $160
12 300 $200
13 12 400 $240
14 15 350 $250
15 450 $320
16 5 20 600 Diamond $1500
17+ 4 15 450 Gold nugget $320

The prizes also get more valuable as the game progresses:

  • In rounds 1-5, the prize is a copper nugget.
  • In rounds 6-10, the prize is a silver nugget.
  • In rounds 11-13, the prize is a gold nugget.
  • In rounds 14-15, the prize is a diamond.
  • For any round after that, the prize is a gold nugget.


Sound Description
Theme that plays while the player is near Mr. Bones.


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