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"Trash, is true evil!" ― Mr. Cleany-Clean

Mr. Cleany-Clean, also known as Cleany, is a prominent character encountered in the first two levels of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski.


Mr. Cleany-Clean appears to be a bright red, skeleton-like figure, wearing sunglasses, a T-shirt and shorts and holding a vacuum cleaner tube.[3]

According to MrDrNose, his unusual appearance is because his flesh is transparent, meaning his organs and skeleton are completely visible (though this isn't accurately shown in the game sprite).[4] His body is tinted red due to his blood.[5] It's unknown how Mr. Cleany-Clean came to be this way.


Mr. Cleany-Clean is generally a very relaxed person, and doesn't seem to care about the school's major secrets. He is very talkative and friendly towards basically everybody he meets. He does not seem to care about his job much, going about it in a somewhat joking way, and he is easily distracted from it if he hears "cool music" (a.k.a. anything playing from the alarm clock).

It's known that Mr. Cleany-Clean is affected by The Curse, though in a "different way" than the rest of the faculty are. His personality is seemingly not affected, as he is much nicer than most of the other faculty members.[6]


Cleany likes most of the other members of the faculty. He thinks Viktor is a "cool guy" and nice to work with, even though he does smell like a corpse, and although Mr. Mix is extremely harsh he believes that he can still be nice if his requests are met.[7]


Not much is known about Cleany's backstory, but it's known that when he was a human, he committed some sort of crime and was punished for it in some way. During it, he was transformed into what he is today, and somehow became the janitor at Infinity School.[8] Nothing else is currently known.


Mr. Cleany-Clean is one of the fastest characters in the game, and can usually be found sweeping the halls of the school at high speed. He can pop in and out of sight unexpectedly, but follows a pattern whenever he sweeps, travelling through all of the school's halls at least once.

Mr. Cleany-Clean starts the game in the janitor's closet, and will begin to move 30 seconds after Viktor begins to chase the protagonist. Mr. Cleany-Clean wanders the corridors, sweeping floors in an orderly fashion, and putting dropped items into nearby trash bins.

When he touches any character, including Angell, that character sticks to him and is carried along with him for a while. If Angell is caught by Mr. Cleany-Clean, she will have to repeatedly press the space bar in order to escape.

Christmas Curse DLC[]

In the Christmas Curse DLC, Mr. Cleany-Clean will stand at his chair at the dining table with his broom, angrily silent. During the course of the game, he won't do anything more, except for vanishing along with the rest of the party during the curse.

According to small text on the end screen, prior to the gameplay of the CC DLC, Mr. Cleany-Clean was driving the rest of the party, including Marzia and Alice, to the school. However, he "got into trouble and lost his costume", crashing the car and causing Marzia minor injuries. When they arrived at the school, the rest of the people took Marzia to the care room on her floor for a few hours, looking after her while Mr. Cleany-Clean went straight to the table.


  • You should always keep an eye on Mr. Cleany-Clean, as if you don't he could carry dangerous characters such as Viktor and Mix directly to your location without you expecting it.
  • If you stay at the edge of the halls, Mr. Cleany-Clean usually cannot pick you up. However, if he is carrying Viktor, you should hide in a classroom as he goes past just to be safe, since Viktor could break free at any time.




Language Name Pronunciation
Russia.png Russian Мистер Клин-Клин Mister Klin-Klin
Japan.png Japanese クリーニーさん Kurīnī-san


  • Alpha 0.0.1
    • Mr. Cleany-Clean was added to the game.
  • Alpha 0.0.3
    • Fixed Cleany's AI.
  • Alpha 0.0.4
    • Fixed Cleany's AI again.
  • Alpha 0.0.6
    • Angell can now resist Cleany by herself.
    • Fixed Cleany's AI again.
  • Alpha 0.0.6b
    • Fixed Cleany's "resist" HUD.
  • Alpha 0.0.6d
    • Fixed Cleany's AI again.
    • Cleany can now reach the trash bin inside the punishment room.
  • Alpha 0.0.7
  • Alpha 0.0.8
    • Cleany can no longer grab the protagonist through walls and doors.
  • Alpha 0.10
    • Added Cleany's subtitles.
  • Alpha 0.11
    • Cleany now starts moving when the Language Level begins.
    • Fixed issues with the "resist" HUD.
  • Alpha 0.12
    • Added the "Help to Mr. Cleany-Clean" achievement.
  • Alpha 0.15
    • Fixed some glitches with Cleany's behavior.
  • Alpha
    • Changed Cleany's subtitles.


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    "Well i like movies"MrDrNose (answering for Mr. Cleany-Clean), October 13, 2021
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    "well mix might be abit harsh but if you do what he want hes ok
    viktor is a cool guy, stinks abit but nice to work with"
    MrDrNose (answering for Mr. Cleany-Clean), October 13, 2021
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    "Well i remember i dud something bad before and im on some sort of punishment term, like an purgatory or smth, and i got transformed fsr, but being transparent red is cool"MrDrNose (answering for Mr. Cleany-Clean), October 13, 2021

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