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"Thank you for helping me!" ― Mr. Mix

Mr. Mix is a character exclusive to the Math Level of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski.


Mr. Mix is a large, fat man with small beady eyes and red dimply cheeks, a chef's hat and apron, a turquoise shirt and pants, black shoes and a mixing bowl he stirs in his hand.

Mr. Mix's face starts out with a wide smile but changes over time depending on the amount of time he goes without interaction by the protagonist. When happy, he remains smiling. When his feelings are lukewarm, his mouth is slightly distorted as if he was slightly depressed. When Mr. Mix is angry, his mouth will frown. Mr. Mix's facial expressions are a mean of monitoring how much more you can anger him.

In his evil form, Mr. Mix's eyes become black and begin to emit a red liquid. His nose disappears, and his mouth becomes wider and seems to contain human teeth. His entire sprite is also darkened, making his skin appear yellow and his clothes dark turquoise.

Mr. Mix's Christmas Curse costume is based off Homer Simpson. His skin is yellow, his hat is no longer present and his face is twisted into a frown. He now wears a white shirt with a large tomato sauce stain on it. He also holds a donut in his right hand and a mace in his left.


Mr. Mix seems at first to be a very kind cook, who enjoys getting help from students and gives out rewards generously. However, he is quickly revealed to be a much more sadistic person than he seems. He becomes angry very easily when people are slow or don't follow his instructions correctly, and insults them, calling them "bad chefs". If his anger is pushed to its limits, he turns into a mad serial killer and begins hunting down and killing any students he finds, though this is likely due to the Curse.

He is shown to be a cannibal in multiple instances, and in one of the rooms connected to the cafeteria the protagonist can find many mutilated and disfigured corpses hanging from the ceiling. He is also shown to have a part in the school's dark secrets, as prior to version 0.18 he would immediately turn against Angell if he saw her holding a secretive item.


Mr. Mix worked as a regular school chef for years before the school he worked at became overtaken by the Curse and became the Infinity School.[2] Nothing else about his life prior to AEwVS is currently known.


Mr. Mix, for the most part, is a stationary character that stays in the cafeteria, where he waits for Angell to help him cook. The protagonist can walk up to him in order to play a short minigame, in which Mr. Mix says the name of a random food word and the player must type it in with their keyboard. The minigame starts with two words, and the amount increases by one each time the minigame is started. Once Angell completes the minigame, he will thank them and let them go, and if he is happy enough, he will give her a donut as a reward, which can be eaten to get infinite stamina for 30 seconds.

If Angell does not help Mr. Mix often enough, he will become visibly angrier, and if he is neglected for too long he will begin pursuing her at a slow speed, and instantly knocking down any doors he runs into. It's possible to avoid him, but it is very difficult, as unlike Viktor there is no way to ward him off,. If he catches Angell, he will scold her and say that she deserves to be punished. Then, his face will become horribly distorted, as he drags the protagonist to the cauldron and throws her in, killing her. However, unlike when Laura drags the protagonist to the cauldron or the punishment room, Viktor is able to intercept Angell and kill her.

Christmas Curse[]

In the Christmas Curse DLC, Mr. Mix stands in front of the door to the kitchen the entire game, preventing the protagonist from entering that room at all. When interacted with, he explains that the others told him to protect the entrance after he knocked over a bowl of borscht. Once all decorations are placed, he will sit at the table with the rest of the characters.


  • While playing Mr. Mix's minigame, you are completely unable to move or look around, making you extremely vulnerable to Viktor. Because of this, it is important to make sure Viktor isn't nearby when starting the minigame. Alternatively, you can use a neodymium magnet on the cafeteria door to buy some more time.
  • If you are on Easy or Normal mode, you probably won’t have to visit Mr. Mix at all. However on Brainiac, you should visit him a maximum of 3 times.

Secret Mini-Game[]

The minigame

There is a hidden minigame that can be purchased in the store under the name "mix". In older versions, it was accessible through the title screen and didn't cost anything to unlock, but this was removed when the title screen was updated. You could find some paper stuck in the top left corner of the menu, hovering the mouse over which would send you to the level.

It basically involves the player typing the food ingredients shown on screen, very similarly to what you have to do when helping him in the main game. Once the player has typed enough ingredients correctly before the time runs out, they will go to the next level. The first level has a series of growls that progressively get louder and louder, the second level has no sound at all, and the third level has a very low quality sound of a hairdryer in the background. Like the creepypasta, it is nearly impossible to get past the third level without hacking.

If the player beats the third level, however, then the next two levels have a painful high-pitched ringing sound. The final, 6th level will require you to type "baby" 2 billion times, and the background is inverted, except the game is scripted to close upon beating the 5th level. Keep in mind that, upon beating the 5th level, the game will fill your computer with hundreds of distorted images in many folders, approximately 300 images each folder, just like the original creepypasta. They won't do any damage to your hard drive when deleting, but they will take up some space (it's probably random, but for me (boarkey) it was about 60 megabytes), and it can take a while to delete them. So maybe just don't do that. Also, if you get past the 6th level, the game will simply repeat the first 5 levels, except with level 6's music.

Playing this game will give you the "Get cursed by Mr. Mix" achievement. The achievement is granted when simply entering the minigame.




  • Mr. Mix is based on a creepypasta of the same name. The creepypasta detailed the existence of an educational typing game for children, in which the players would help the titular Mr. Mix stir ingredients in a bowl by typing words, before the game got cursed and spooky stuff happens.
    • Mr. Mix's in-game model has paler skin compared to the images of him commonly found related to the creepypasta.
  • Mr. Mix's favorite foods include steamed potatoes with beef, soups, and pork.[3] The best dish he's ever cooked was a pasta dish for a large amount of people, with large amounts of sauce and meatballs.[4]


Language Name Pronunciation
Russia.png Russian Мистер Микс Mister Miks
Japan.png Japanese ミクスさん Mikusu-san

Version History[]

  • Alpha 0.0.1
    • Mr. Mix was added to the game.
  • Alpha 0.0.2
    • Mr. Mix can now open doors.
  • Alpha 0.0.6
    • Mr. Mix's secret minigame was added.
    • Changed Mr. Mix's chase speed.
  • Alpha 0.0.6b
    • The minigame can no longer appear upon launching the game (the circumstances for that happening are unknown).
  • Alpha 0.10
    • Added Mr. Mix's subtitles.
  • Alpha
    • Changed Mr. Mix's chase speed again.
  • Alpha
    • Added subtitles for ingredient voicelines.


  1. According to MrDrNose, this is what Mix's name would be if it went through the same process used to get the names of the Panacea PAP Station robots
  2. Information confirmed by MrDrNose on the EternityDev Games Discord server
    See the full thread here.
  3. Information confirmed by MrDrNose on the EternityDev Games Discord server
    "mr mix, what is your favourite food" — henry where?
    "i like steamed potatoes with beef, chicken soups, well alot of soups actually, pork etc"MrDrNose (answering for Mr. Mix), October 13, 2021
  4. Information confirmed by MrDrNose on the EternityDev Games Discord server
    "Also, M.R Mix, what's the best dish you've ever made?" — Eli667
    "it was a great pasta for a big amount of people, with big amount of meatballs and sauce"MrDrNose (answering for Mr. Mix), October 14, 2021

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