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"MUST FIX ALL MESS!" ― Ms. Immortal

Ms. Immortal, more commonly known as the Unknown broom, is a character exclusive to Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology.


Ms. Immortal is a black, shadowy figure, with the shape of a human woman. She constantly holds a large, blue broom.

Like Laura from Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, Ms. Immortal is a "physical phantom" - a phantom that has a physical body, and is made up of flesh, bones and other human body parts. She is less physical than Laura, however, making her transparent.[1]


When the player answers a question wrong, Ms. Immortal will spawn in the janitor's closet and begin roaming the area. She will patrol the hallways at random, however she does not enter classrooms.

If her broom touches Olivia or any other character in its way, it will sweep them along its path, paralyzing them for a short while and dragging them along until finally letting them go. This may be helpful or harmful to the player depending on the circumstances.

This is similar to Mr. Cleany-Clean's mechanics, except Ms. Immortal is much slower and there is no way for the player to manually escape from her.


Sound Subtitle Description
MUST FIX ALL MESS! Plays when a character is swept by Ms. Immortal.



  1. Information confirmed by MrDrNose on the EternityDev Games Discord server
    See the full thread here.

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