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"I should visit my mommy. I not saw her for five years. heh..." ― Scrina

Scrina is a character originally from Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology, who makes a short appearance in the History Level of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski. She is also the main protagonist of Alex Basics: Scrina's Sensors.


Scrina is a robot with a grey metal head with a yellow border, a green monitor for a face and two antennae for sensing with. She has a lavender purple body and "butt", and two metal arms with pink rubber hands.

In Alex Basics, her body and butt are not connected, however in AEwVS and Scrina's Sensors, they are connected by her power core, which was found between the events of ABiBaZ and AEwVS. Her core allows her to open portals, among other things that can be seen in the prototype video, such as telekinesis, lighting, lasers, beams, quantum storage, and other things.

In AEwVS and Scrina's Sensors, she uses a full-body 3D model in-game, like Konstantin XI.


As shown in Alex Basics, Scrina is initially extremely aggressive towards the player, even consistently attempting to kill them. However, it's later revealed that Scrina was being controlled or possessed by an outside force, and once she becomes aware of what she did she is extremely apologetic. She then blames herself for it, sulking around the school for the rest of the run and calling herself "useless trash".

When the player interacts with Scrina more in the ending, she is shown to be extremely kind and is very grateful towards them for letting her follow them through Alex's Realm. Throughout the next few minutes Scrina becomes extremely scared by any loud noises that she hears, and says that she "just wants to come back to her mommy". While alone with the player, she reveals her insecurities and states that everybody is mean to her just because they view her as a "thing" instead of a real person.

By the end, Scrina seems to have regained her confidence, as she saves the player from Alex's true form.


When Scrina was created, she was considered a "failed experiment" by whoever created her. However, instead of being recycled, she was put in a box and thrown out. Eventually, Erie discovered her in a dumpster and took her in, causing Scrina to think of her as her mother.[3]

At least five years later, before the events of ABiBaZ, Scrina was stolen from Erie by Alex.[4] Alex attempted to force her to build a school for him, but Scrina could not cooperate, either due to her losing her core or her simply refusing to.[5] Alex then considered her useless, and attempted to sell her as a "clever bot" (hence the hidden poster outside the school). When this failed, and Alex built the school himself, he kept Scrina around for "stress release", and trapped her inside the school with the others.[6] He told Asmodena, and likely the others, that they can use Scrina to do whatever they want, and if she didn't do it, to kick her.[7]

After the events of ABiBaZ, when she escaped the school, she regained her core and began using it to travel through different dimensions, searching for Erie. She has yet to find her.


  • Flight: Scrina constantly hovers a short distance above the ground. She is also capable of flying, as shown in Scrina's Sensors and the ending of ABiBaZ.
  • Portal Creation: Scrina can create portals using her core. These portal can be used to transport Scrina to other locations within the same dimension.
  • Quantum Storage: Scrina can dematerialize any object and store it inside her core. She can also take out any items she has previously stored inside her core.
  • Force Field: Scrina can generate a purple "force field" around herself, and around other nearby objects.[8] She can use this shield for defense, or she can use it to move other items around.
  • Energy Blaster: Scrina can shoot "energy beams" in order to attack other entities.
  • Virtual Barrier: Scrina can create a circular shield in front of her, which repels any incoming attacks.

In Alex Basics[]

Scrina was first introduced in Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology. In this game, she randomly wanders the school, screaming "I HATE YOU" in a robotic voice. If she sees Olivia, she will begin chasing her, and if she catches her she will pick her up by the neck and strangle her. While this is happening, Scrina will fill up the player's entire screen, and a small bar will appear on the screen similar to the one that shows when Mr. Cleany-Clean has picked the player up. This bar will decrease at a moderately quick speed, and if it runs out completely, Scrina will snap Olivia's neck and she will die.

However, the player can mash the space bar to resist Scrina, which will cause the bar to increase each time the space bar is pressed. If the bar reaches its maximum, Olivia will be released and is able to move around again. Scrina will then stay idle for a few seconds before repeating the process again.

It can be very difficult to get rid of Scrina, especially since the cooldown before Scrina starts chasing the protagonist again is so short. In order for Scrina to lose track of Olivia, she will need to hide behind a corner or inside a classroom before the cooldown has finished.

When the timer at the bottom of the screen reaches 666 seconds (about 11 minutes), Scrina's behavior will change significantly. When she catches Olivia, the same UI appears, however the "resist" bar decreases at a much quicker rate. At this point, it is no longer possible to successfully resist Scrina, and the bar will run out. However, when this happens, instead of snapping Olivia's neck Scrina will immediately release her with a shocked expression on her face. She will profusely apologize, saying that she didn't mean to hurt anybody and that she doesn't know what caused her behavior. For the remainder of the run, Scrina will no longer be a threat, and instead of chasing Olivia she will merely wander around the school, sulking and calling herself "useless trash" periodically.


Scrina plays a major role in the ending of Alex Basics. About halfway through traversing Alex's Realm, Scrina can be heard nearby, panicking because she hears footsteps nearby. Shortly after, a cutscene will occur in which Scrina accidentally backs into the player, screams in fright and then turns around to see that the player was the source of the footsteps she was hearing earlier. Scrina is surprised to see the player here, and reveals that she was also teleported to Alex's realm at the same time as the player was.

Then, she will beg the player to let her follow them, however the player has no choice but to accept. For a while after that, Scrina will follow the player through Alex's realm, occasionally talking to them about her insecurities and her wanting to see her mother again.

Later, Scrina will suddenly disappear from behind the player. She can be heard in a nearby area expressing confusion, then screaming as she is attacked by an unknown entity. For a while after that, Scrina no longer follows the player.

Once the player makes their way through another of Alex's puzzles, they will come to a large maze-like room. Scrina's body parts are scattered throughout this area, and at the very back her head is laying on the ground. Optionally, the player can pick up Scrina's parts and attach them back to Scrina's incomplete body, however doing this doesn't seem to have any benefits, and Scrina doesn't wake up once it is done.

At the very end of Alex's realm, Alex in his true form will rush at the player. However, Scrina will save them and take them back to the surface. Scrina then says that Alex is going to be down there for a "looong time", and wishes the player farewell, after telling them that her phone number is in their pocket.

In Scrina's Sensors[]

In Alex Basics: Scrina's Sensors, the player controls Scrina and sees everything from her point of view. They also obtain all of Scrina's abilities.

Similarly to AEwVS, the player can move Scrina around by pressing the WASD keys, and move faster by holding down Left Shift. However, they can also press the Space key to switch between "fly" and "hover" mode. By default Scrina is in "hover" mode, which means that she will always hover a short distance off the ground, as she can be seen doing in AEwVS and ABiBaZ. In "fly" mode, she is able to press W to fly in the direction she is looking, not affected by gravity or height restrictions.

At the bottom-left corner of the screen are three bars: "Energy", "Charge" and "Health". The use of the energy and charge bars haven't been seen yet. However, the health bar is depleted when Scrina takes damage, and if it reaches 0%, the game will end. The lower the health bar is, the glitchier and more unstable Scrina's view becomes, and if it gets low enough the interface will begin to flash red.

It's possible to open a menu where the current state of Scrina's different body parts can be seen. Any body parts that are in critical condition will flash red in this interface.

At the bottom-right corner, the player can see the current velocity Scrina is traveling at, as well as a graph which shows how this velocity changes over a short period of time. There is also a sphere which indicates Scrina's current orientation.

Scrina is also able to attack enemies, seemingly by punching. The control for this is unknown. Scrina can also use "modules" which are explained in further detail on this page. These modules allow Scrina to perform various other abilities, such as dragging and manipulating objects, shooting energy beams, creating a holographic shield, and storing objects inside the core.

In AEwVS[]

While walking in one of the corridors in the third story of the History Level, Scrina will suddenly emerge from a purple portal in mid-air, greet Angell and ask her if she's seen anybody named Erie. However, as Angell is unable to speak, Scrina will assume she doesn't know, and dismiss her, even if Angell tries to communicate to her in another way such as nodding or showing her one of Erie's belongings. She will then retreat into the portal, which will disappear and leave colorful embers behind.

While Scrina is visiting, the protagonist is completely unable to move. This poses somewhat of a threat, as Alice doesn't stop chasing the protagonist, and the clock continues to tick at its normal speed.

She also can be found in a hidden area outside of the History Level map, doing a T-pose.




  • Scrina looks somewhat similar to Monita from Nintendo Land.
    • In fact, she is sometimes referred to as "Monita" in Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology's game files. This heavily suggests that Scrina's design was inspired by Monita's.
  • In one of the test maps, there is an item called "The hand". This item looks very similar to one of Scrina's arms, and it allows Angell to shoot electricity out of the fingertip.
  • A copy of one of Scrina's hands can be found in Erie's bedroom. This is likely kept by Erie as a spare, in case Scrina somehow loses one of her current hands.
  • Scrina is the fourth character in AEwVS to have an in-game 3D model, the previous ones being Helpscreen, Konstantin XI and Torus. However, she is the second of these characters to be fully animated.
  • Scrina would likely win in a fight against Erie, due to her modules.[9]
  • In August of 2021, MrDrNose said that Scrina and Erie had died on August 5, and had been "consumed" so they could never go to any kind of afterlife.[10] He later said this was not canon[11], and that he had said this because he felt Erie was getting annoying as a character.
  • Scrina currently works as a waiter in a nice restaurant, along with Erie.[12]


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