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The Boulder is one of the many hostile creatures within UDgame.


It is a very large, round boulder. Parts of it seem to be glowing pink, due to it containing life crystals. The life crystals inside the Boulder mean that it is fully sentient and capable of emotion.


Like Mollow, the Boulder is always active, however it spawns near the dungeon's dig spot, meaning the player will likely not encounter it until they are near the dig spot.

If the Boulder sees the player, it will begin to roll towards them, faster than their walking speed. If it hits the player, it will run them over, which causes them to lose 10HP. If the player manages to dodge it and causes it to hit a wall, it will merely bounce off the wall and continue to chase the player.

The Boulder can be attacked with a pickaxe, which will cause it to drop life rocks. If damaged enough, it will break apart, dropping even more life rocks. These life rocks don't have much use, but they are somewhat valuable.


  • The Boulder is by far the easiest enemy to see coming, due to it making loud crashing noises and causing the screen to shake whenever it is near the player. This makes it somewhat easy to avoid.



Sound Description
Loop that plays while the Boulder is rolling towards the player.

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