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"Explore the unknown caves full of treasure, doors and rooms. But keep in mind the creatures guards this place."

UDgame, previously known as GD, is a dungeon mining simulation game by EternityDev. It began development on November 24, 2020, and was released on November 7 the next year.

The game's name changes with every update that is released. When the game was in its demo phase, it had the prefix "UDD". Currently it is in its alpha phase, so its prefix is "UDA", when it is in beta it will have the prefix "UDB", and so on.

Official Description

Explore the depths of procedurally generated mines full of treasure, passages and surprises, exploring and finding new wonders as you carve your way through UDgame.

Your adventure will not go unimpeded, however, as there are many monsters that guard these mines.

For those feeling particularly brave, try and fight the various bosses in the game for powerful equipment and loot, or avoid them and try to snatch the scraps they guard.

Above ground, you can build your house and furnish it as you like. Grow a garden, or make your very own maze, it's all up to you.

UD is a work in progress game that the developer has been working on for a whole year. Expect new updates, bug fixes and content.


This game's visual style is greatly based off games like Wolfenstein 3D And Doom II. The player cannot look up or down; they can only look left and right. The player can use WASD to move around, hold left shift to run, and use the space bar to place a "marker" that displays on the minimap, provided they have one in their inventory. Any item the player walks over will be immediately added to their inventory, and they can switch between which item they are holding by scrolling.

In this game, the player wanders through a rocky, underground dungeon with a large number of rocks within it. At the beginning, the player can find a chisel, which can be used to destroy rocks and collect a variety of gems and other resources hidden within them. There are many different kinds of gems to collect, with some being more rare and valuable than others. There are also special rooms which can contain valuable items, traps, or enemies.

The player can sell any items they collect in order to obtain money, which can then be used to buy more effective tools such as sledgehammers and axes from the shop machine. The player can also add new items to their collection, craft new items using the combine machine, etc.

However, there are multiple strange entities in the dungeon, some of which are dangerous. Some of the most notable are Mollow, the Martian Worm, the Rock Leech, Fossilhounds, Lookers, and a large, sentient boulder. There are also some critters such as bats, roly-polies and fish which can be caught and sold/eaten.

As well as the mining aspect of the game, the player can also expand and customize their home in many different ways, as well as start a garden, go to space, and much more.







  • The name was changed from GD to UD because the abbreviation "GD" was already commonly associated with Geometry Dash, and this would mean that people would only find results for Geometry Dash if they tried to look this game up.
  • This game is confirmed to take place in the same "universe" as Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, and it contains some of the same items/substances as AEwVS, such as anperfysium and life crystals.
  • UD does not stand for anything, however DG, a very early version of the game's name, did stand for something.

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