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This is a list of characters and other entities in UDgame.


These creatures are dangerous and will attack the player if not avoided or defended against properly.

Image Name Description
Fossilhounds Small dogs made of ancient bones and fossils. Extremely aggressive towards anyone who approaches them.
Lookers Floating faces which move very fast and are immune to physical attacks, but are repelled by anybody who looks directly at them.
Spidrs Large spiders which hang on the ceiling and wait for their prey. They are extremely aggressive and spit webs to trap the player.
Mollow Mollow is a large, fleshy creature who wanders the dungeon and eats rocks, molushes, and basically anything else he finds.
Martian Worm A large, worm-like creature which burrows through the dungeon randomly. It is extremely fast, but it does not actively target the player.
Leech front.gif
Rock Leech Another worm-like creature, much smaller than the Martian Worm. It is very hostile towards the player, and difficult to fight back against.
Boulder front.gif
The Boulder A sentient boulder, which rolls towards the player and attempts to run them over.
Ghost A strange entity which attacks the player when nearby. It only does 1 damage, and disappears after attacking once, so it is not very dangerous.
Blood bat A large, red bat that appears in a special cave room. Very aggressive towards the player.


These entities are safe, however some of them will fight back if the player attacks them.

Image Name Description
Plague Trader A plague doctor which appears in random subrooms and offers items to the player in exchange for coins.
Mr. Bones A sentient skeleton who appears in a special subroom. If approached, he will introduce the player to his game, which can be played to win certain items.
Obj member.png
Members Unknown robed creatures found in a certain room.
Gato QueQue A completely harmless cat, that can appear and disappear randomly.
Afiteinyan A fire spirit which can appear randomly around the dungeon. She can be talked to by interacting with her, and there are multiple dialogue options the player can choose.
Voice in the Walls A mysterious entity that lives in the walls and sometimes produces strange, glitchy sounds, and obscures the minimap.


These are small insects and other animals that can be found around the dungeon. Most of them can be caught, killed, and eaten.

Image Name Description
Big roly-polies Small bugs that can be found almost anywhere in the dungeon.
Item woodmaggot.png
Wood maggots Maggots that live inside wooden objects.
Bats Brown cave bats found on the ceiling. They fly around randomly and will damage the player if they run into them.
Fish Silver fish found in water caves. They are usually passive, but they will become extremely hostile if they sense blood.
Crabs Blue crabs found in water caves. They won't attack the player, but they can be killed and eaten.
Shrimps Silver shrimps found in water caves. They are passive, but they can be killed and eaten.
Leeches Black leeches found in water caves. They constantly attack the player and are very difficult to avoid.
Item urchin.png
Urchins Black urchins that hop around randomly in water caves.
Bees These bees come in large swarms, and usually stay near their beehive. They will become aggressive and sting the player if their beehive is damaged.
Frogs Green frogs. They are not dangerous, and can be picked up.



Main article: Pofins
Image Name Gender Ability
Boltrix icon spd.png
Minet Female Speeds up
Boltrix icon LaCreatura.png
Cangraw Male Unaffected by gravity, and can attack quickly
Boltrix icon king.png
Wonnier Male Uses sword(s) to damage blocks
Boltrix icon uking.png
Boltrix icon kvinn.png
Kvinn Female Shoots green lasers and can be controlled by the player
Boltrix icon reg.png
Monquer Unknown None
Boltrix icon div.png
Oliemo Unknown Splits into four smaller Pofins
Boltrix icon exp.png
Ioxero Unknown Explodes on right click
Boltrix icon fat.png
Buny Unknown Very heavy
Boltrix icon rep.png
Zorie Unknown Repels nearby objects
Boltrix icon contr.png
Grenes Unknown Can be controlled by the player
Boltrix icon grapl.png
Gredel Unknown Has a grappling hook which can be used to propel towards objects
Boltrix icon godot.png
Crogias Male Shoots a powerful laser
Boltrix icon attr.png
Xorie Unknown Attracts nearby objects
Boltrix icon inv.png
Tantei Unknown Can become invisible and pass through shields
Boltrix icon park.png
Loncie Unknown Able to stick to surfaces and jump off them
Boltrix icon roll.png
Hennes Unknown Rolls extremely fast
Boltrix icon gren.png
Letneck Unknown Produces explosive grenades
Boltrix icon remover.png
Mangaliere Unknown Removes blocks from existence
Boltrix icon iwatchinyou.png
Geckles Unknown Can manipulate objects
Boltrix icon nana.png
Nana Female Shoots small, explosive projectiles
Boltrix icon elec.png
Ilekenohm Unknown Creates an electric field which can damage multiple objects
Miklene Unknown ???
Pink Guy Male Can carry other objects
Boltrix icon bat.png
Biaxufu Unknown Can fly and be controlled
H E.png
He Unknown Can be controlled by the player. Accessed by pressing 0 on the numpad
Thiccobreather Unknown Extremely heavy, heavier than Buny. Accessed by pressing 2 on the numpad


Image Name Description
Trix The enemies that the player must destroy to win the game.


These entities can't be encountered in the main game, but they are in the game's code and can be spawned via cheating.

Image Name Description
Obj spooker.png
Spooker A strange entity that slowly stalks the player.
Alex Alex from Alex Basics in Biology and Zoology in his demon form.