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"You should not have done that." ― Viktor Strobovski

Viktor Strobovski, commonly referred to as Viktor, is the main character of Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski, and the titular character of the game. He is the first teacher, exclusively teaching mathematics, and is also the host of the Puss Modes and the Christmas Curse event. Generally, he is the main antagonist, but can sometimes be seen acting in protagonistic ways.


Viktor Strobovski visually appears to be an adult male with brown hair dressed in blue shoes, dark brown pants, a red shirt and a light brown business suit. He has a deep and distorted text-to-speech voice and carries a large axe on his back. He wears a black-and-white "comedy" mask over his face at all times, and it's eventually revealed that this mask is his true face.

While in his true Tarwill form, his body is completely black, and his limbs are able to extend to great distances. If he is especially angry, his mask may also become extremely distorted.

In Alpha 0.27, a new sprite for Viktor Strobovski was added to the game files, drawn by an accomplice of Andrey Fire, a user on the EternityDev Games Discord. However, the creator of this sprite has not developed an evil sprite in almost a year, so it's unknown if this new style for Viktor will ever be truly added to the game.


Before he was affected by the Curse, Viktor was quite introverted and quiet, and mainly only opened up to those who talked to him. He also liked to pull pranks on people, such as hiding things, putting a bucket of water on top of the door, etc. Nowadays, he still enjoys pranks when not affected by the Curse, as shown in AEwVS: Christmas Curse, but he is much more talkative and extroverted.

However, while the Curse is affecting him (i.e. most of the time during the main game), Viktor turns into a mindless killer, who murders students against his will in extremely brutal ways. He is also somewhat aggressive towards his victims, calling them expletives and yelling at them when they collect enough notebooks.


Viktor seems to get along with most members of the school's faculty. He especially likes Tiara, who has been his girlfriend since he was in school.


When the Tarwill World was infested with the deadly ivy, Viktor was one of the few members of the tarwill species who was able to escape. After escaping, he needed to hide, so he possessed a man he encountered on the street in order to disguise himself as a human, which eventually killed the man.[6][7] He then walked into a school, planning to disguise himself as a math teacher, but he began to go insane, and when he tried to exit the school from the way he entered he only found more corridors.[8] Therefore, he became trapped in the school, and the Curse slowly took him over.


Note: Many of his existing abilities are already natural to tarwills.

  • Flesh Disguise: Viktor normally wears a disguise of flesh over his body as he is teaching, and only takes it off when he wants to use his full strength.
  • Powerful Strength: Viktor has demonstrated this in multiple instances, such as busting down metal doors with his axe in only a few strikes, catching hold of Marzia and holding her in place indefinitely, and in his true form, he is even able to bust down doors effortlessly at walking speed with his bare hands.
  • Regeneration: If Viktor only has his mask remaining, he can completely regenerate his body from it numerous times.
  • Defensive Form: If Viktor is in danger or becomes unconscious, he can retract his body into his mask to protect it from further harm.
  • Mass Generation: Unlike most tarwills, Viktor is able to generate entirely new body mass at will.[9] This allows him to do things such as extend his arms extremely long distances.


Before Alpha 0.0.6b, Viktor would appear in a long hallway when the game started to warn the player about what the game has to offer, such as violence, derogatory language, bright lights and loud noises, along with a few other things. Afterwards, he would finish up, and disappear back into the hallway.

Math Level

Upon entering the Math Level, Viktor will appear in the welcome room to greet Angellica, introduce himself and tell her to go to the first classroom and use the notebook on the desk. While the protagonist is using it, he will appear in a small window within the notebook to tell the protagonist about what to do and how the notebook collecting system works. In the last example, he encourages the protagonist to meet the other characters around the school, saying they are always glad to meet new people.

If the protagonist answers an example incorrectly on the first notebook at any time (which is inevitable due to the fifth question being glitched), Viktor will become affected by the Curse. He will instantly stop talking, and shortly after, he will pull out his axe and his eyes will begin to glow red, and he will then proceed to pursue the protagonist, taking a few steps at a time. His speed will gradually increase with every question the protagonist answers wrong throughout the level. If the protagonist gets enough answers wrong, Viktor will reach maximum speed, in which he will practically run at them.

If the protagonist gets Viktor's jacket dirty (by using a soda, moist chocolate muffin or duct tape ball), he will momentarily stop chasing the protagonist and complain that his jacket has been ruined. After that, he will head to the backroom, where he will change into a new jacket for a few seconds. Then he will emerge and continue his chase. Also, if he sees Angell holding a certain type of tarwill mask, he will immediately stop in his tracks and will not continue to chase the protagonist until she stops holding the mask.

If Viktor comes to a door with a neodymium magnet attached to it, Viktor will stop in front of it. He will then repeatedly strike the door with his axe, attempting to break it down. When he has hit the door a certain number of times, it will be bust off of its hinges and thrown onto the ground, allowing Viktor to enter freely.

Once the protagonist has collected a certain number of notebooks (the exact number changes depending on the difficulty level - 8 on easy, 5 on normal and 3 on brainiac), Viktor will announce that he is going to begin walking very quietly, stating that "it will be fun". When Viktor is walking quietly, he cannot be heard at any volume. This makes it much harder to know where Viktor is, especially in rooms with no windows. Everything otherwise will continue to proceed as usual.

When the protagonist finally collects the tenth notebook, Viktor will stop in his tracks once more and congratulate the protagonist for collecting all 10 notebooks. But then he will announce that he isn't done yet, and that the protagonist must collect the final (eleventh) notebook, remarking it would be the hardest example they had ever seen. After that, he will promptly continue to pursue the protagonist at an even faster rate than before. If the protagonist manages to collect the eleventh notebook without being caught, Viktor will stop chasing her and return to his "nice" form, allowing her to reach the exit. However, once the protagonist reaches the exit door and attempts to open it, Viktor will appear straight behind her, announcing that her quest is far from over, and that they will be sent to the next floor to study another subject.

Language Level

In the Language Level, Viktor can be found standing next to some melon peels and other junk in the director's room. Throughout this level, the protagonist can choose whether to only collect language notebooks, or to begin collecting math notebooks also. If she decides to do the latter, Viktor will begin to pursue her again, causing her to have to ward off two teachers at once. If all 10 math notebooks are collected, Viktor will stop and congratulate the player. If the protagonist reaches the final chase with Marzia with all 20 notebooks collected, Viktor will appear in front of the elevator and hold back Marzia, giving the player infinite time to input the elevator codes.

Puss Modes

If the protagonist enters the Math Level in "puss mode", Viktor will appear and greet the player as usual, but will begin to follow the protagonist around the school instead of just staying in the same place. In the first notebook, he will appear in a small window and explain to the player how to use the notebooks in a much more condescending way than before. However, if the player tries to enter an incorrect answer, Viktor won't let them, and instead will let them try again. The fifth question is also no longer impossible and can be answered the same as any other question. Unlike in other modes, the entire school is accessible at all times, although none of the faculty members appear, and Viktor will continue to follow you around throughout the level. Once the player finally collects ten notebooks, Viktor will congratulate them on collecting all ten notebooks, and then tell them to fuck off from his school and play the actual game.

The same thing will happen in the Language Level, as Marzia is apparently busy and can't teach right now. However, Viktor can't and won't stop the protagonist if they ever give any incorrect answers to any Language notebooks. He will also disappear completely after collecting the tenth language notebook, regardless of what the protagonist did.

AEwVS: Christmas Curse

When the level starts, Viktor will appear shortly in the welcome room in his Christmas costume. He will greet the player and tell her to talk to someone as "he" (actually she) will tell her what to do next, stating that he needs to return to his work. He will then leave and head back to the kitchen, locking the door behind him. He will stay there until all the decorations have been placed, supposedly busy wrapping the presents. Once all of the decorations have been placed, he will tell everyone to go to the cafeteria, saying it would be better if everybody hurried a little bit. Everyone will then proceed to head for the table and go to their seats. Viktor will sit at the head of the table.

Once everyone has gathered at the table in the correct positions, Viktor will give a short speech about the year. A bit before he finishes his speech, something will happen, depending on which ending the player has gotten.

If the protagonist hasn't closed all 10 cracks beforehand, bells will chime, playing a tune, causing the Christmas curse to initiate. The bells will then toll, with all model/object textures slowly becoming less saturated and the room darkening into blood red for every toll. During this, Viktor will leave the table and go into the kitchen again. At the last toll, the entire faculty will vanish, leaving only the protagonist at the table. Every decoration placed (except the wreaths) will also vanish.

At some point, Viktor will break down the door of the kitchen, appearing in his true form, slowly walking towards the protagonist. If he gets close enough to the protagonist, he will stop, and extend his arm towards the protagonist at an extremely fast speed until the protagonist has been stabbed or his arm has hit a wall. If he stabs the protagonist, the protagonist will fall to the ground and die, only to be respawned back at the dinner table with Viktor breaking down the door to the kitchen again. This will continue to happen until the protagonist fills every crack with silver ingots. Once the protagonist has filled every single crack, Viktor will drop down and disappear, leaving only his mask on the ground. The ambience will still continue, but the Watcher will not remind the protagonist about the cracks anymore. Once Viktor has disappeared, and the protagonist reaches the exit door attempting to open it, the bells will toll once again, and Viktor will emerge back from his mask and charge towards the protagonist, his eyes red, his mouth frothy and his mask adorned with black lines. Just before he reaches the protagonist, the bell will toll one final time, flashing light across the screen and destroying the curse, leaving Viktor's mask once again on the ground. After some time, he will regenerate from his mask, look at the protagonist awkwardly and suggest a cup of tea with everybody.

If the protagonist has closed all 10 cracks before completing all the decorations, the accurser will yell in the background for a few seconds, showing that the curse has been completely destroyed. He will then announce "we did it. But, ackchuyally[sic], you did it. thank you." This suggests that he has previously retained knowledge about the curse beforehand. The ending will split again depending on what the protagonist said to Erie about her costume. If the protagonist said the costume was good, she will say "what about me?" and Viktor will assure her that she did it too, and announce that it's time to give the gifts. If the protagonist said the costume was bad, everything will be skipped and Viktor will go straight to fetching the presents from the present room. After a few seconds, he will come and hand presents over to everyone except Phonty (presumably because Phonty cannot physically open or use presents), ending at Erie, who in turn will state that she didn't expect that from him of all people, proceeding to open her present. If the protagonist has said the costume was good, she will seem to groan about another one of Viktor's pranks, with him proceeding to retrieve the real one, mumbling that he forgot to get rid of the fake box. He will then give her the real one, and she will open it. The real present will be revealed to be a pillow cushion with a picture of Jenny Wakeman on it, and she will thank Viktor. If the protagonist has said the costume was bad, she will become highly offended and rant about Viktor pranking her, revealing the fake present to be a piece of paper saying "Perv =D >:D" on it in the process. She will then storm out, causing the Laura to stand up and call Viktor out. Viktor will then leave the cafeteria and retrieve Erie, telling her to stop being grumpy and to go back to the table, going into the present room and giving her the real present after she reseats. Then, Viktor will announce "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everynyan!"

If the protagonist angers Phonty initiating a Bad Ending, Viktor will tell Phonty to stop it. After Erie tells Phonty that the protagonist didn't do anything actually wrong, Viktor will complain about him, saying "Uh... Stupid robot. You idiot!"


  • Using a lemon-berry sweet soda against Viktor becomes increasingly dangerous with each notebook that the player collects, as you must get very close to Viktor to use it and the faster he moves, the higher the chances of him catching you while trying to use the soda are. Moist chocolate muffins are less dangerous, and are almost essential later in the level.
  • If you obtain the tarwill mask, you can easily clear the final chase and the final notebook, as the Head Teacher is no longer around to send you to the punishment room for holding it.
  • Viktor can be lured into the pit in the WC, which makes him completely unable to catch you for the rest of the level. This is generally considered cheating, however, and it is very difficult to do without the teleportation necklace.




  • In older versions, if Viktor saw you holding a secretive item (such as the rusty knife) he would get significantly faster.
  • The text-to-speech engine used for Viktor's voice was George from with slow speed, edited in Audacity. This website has since been deleted, and no identical replacement has been found, meaning that if MrDrNose wants to add any more voicelines for Viktor he will likely have to use a different text-to-speech voice.
  • Viktor Strobovski's name was randomly created, and was meant to be easy to Google.[10]
  • Viktor's phrases tend to reference popular memes.
    • Viktor's phrase of "You should not have done that..." may be a reference to the creepypasta "Ben Drowned".
    • One of Viktor's old phrases "Do it. Just do it." may be a reference to the "Just do it" meme by Shia LaBeouf.
  • Viktor's Christmas costume is a grey-colored Ronald McDonald, which is rumored to be inspired by Shadow Ronald or Dark Ronald from MUGEN.
  • Viktor's jumpscare sprite is a edited version of an image associated with SCP-1875 (though this image has now been removed from the article).
  • Viktor's true form running animation is the same as the Antibreather's running animation, except with a different model.
  • Despite being the math teacher, Viktor is actually bad at math, especially advanced math.[11]
  • Many people have believed Viktor's middle name to be "Cyra" or "Hugo", however MrDrNose has confirmed neither of these names are correct.
  • MrDrNose has created a Viktor Nextbot NPC for Garry's Mod. It consists of a two-dimensional sprite of Viktor's true form, which chases the player and attempts to kill them.


Language Name Pronunciation
Russia.png Russian Виктор Стробовски Viktor Strobovski
Japan.png Japanese ヴィクトル-ストロボフスキー Vikutorū Sutorobofusukī


  • Alpha 0.0.1:
    • Viktor was added to the game.
  • Alpha 0.0.4:
    • A glitch was fixed that caused Viktor to continue talking when a question was answered wrong.
  • Alpha 0.0.6d:
    • The time it takes for Viktor to change his jacket was changed.
  • Alpha 0.0.7:
    • Added Viktor's subtitles.
  • Alpha 0.13:
    • Fixed a glitch that caused Viktor to become stuck in the WC after his jacket is ruined.
  • Alpha 0.15b:
  • Alpha
    • Replaced all of Viktor's voicelines and fixed grammar.


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