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Zar is a character in Holehead the Cat's Adventure.


Zar is a fully grown human male with dark hair, wearing black pants and a dark grey T-shirt. His mouth is always open and he seems to be in a provocative stance. He owns a shop located on a small island off the coast of Sandy Horseshoe island.

In Holehead the Cat's Adventure, Holehead enters Zar's shop to buy some milk. He hears Zar tell Holehead to leave the money on the table, and he then has the choice whether to pay for the milk or to steal it.

If Holehead pays for the milk, nothing else will happen and Zar will not interact with him any further.

If Holehead decides to steal the milk, he will run from the shop at extremely high speeds and soon arrive back at his home. However, Zar will follow him shortly after, and Holehead sees him running towards his home, swearing in Russian and threatening to stab Holehead. Holehead begins to devise a plan to escape, but Zar breaks into his home before he can do anything. It then cuts to Holehead and Zar at a table, drinking tea and eating cake, seemingly moved on from the conflict they previously had. Zar explains that the milk was free, and Holehead didn't need to pay. However, he followed Holehead because he was running away at such high speeds, leading Zar to assume that he had stolen something valuable. He also says that the voice Holehead heard at the shop was an autoresponder, and that he was actually in the shop basement at the time.


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Zar screaming at Holehead.
Zar's talking sound.

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